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Proextender System

This is Well made and Good pricing as well. I have The Extender Pro Unit already But costed to much. This Pro Extender Unit is better Made / quality than the Extender Pro Unit. The double rubber strapping of The Extender Pro Unit does not work that well. This Unit has Two options The Rubber hose fit and The Strap system = "Hybrid" The Foam provides Comfort when Secured. You have to use these Units The rest of Your days to keep The Permanent Size increase! These Units do Work when used properly! But You get Excellent results when using with A Bathmate or Penomet Pump Systems. They use water for Pressure which is a lot safer than using Air Pumps! You must use This Pro Extender Unit along with A Water Pressure Pump system to Get Good Permanent Results! I have gotten A full 40% increase over The last Year or so By using these devices! Girth and Length. The pumps provide more Girth and The Extender Device provides The better overall Length !. It's How You use it. This Unit is made in The USA to My surprise. Big Plus There!
The main adjustment strut bent..then it broke when I tried to correct it. Never got to give it a fair try. It looks great, the box and contents looked good. I was hopeful. It may be a good product and I just should have left the bent strut alone. Anyway it was not a big deal. This eBay store has some other great deals and products and crazy fast free shipping and that great.